GUI Programming with PyQT

Tue, Jun 26, 2018 6:30 PM

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NOTICE: I am exploring the possibility of changing locations, if you or your employer has a space that would be convenient and fit 30+ people please contact me. Otherwise this will be held at UAT in a classroom upstairs, 201 most likely.


PyQt is a UI framework designed in C++ and ported to Python. In fact you don't necessarily need to use Python to utilize the Qt library. But today we'll be using Python as I find it easier to create the application quickly.
Today we will be building a game using this framework. The game is blackjack. I'll go over the rules today and then we will begin building the application.


My name is Nicholas Finch, I am a Software Engineer over at USGS. I've spent 2 years now working on an application dedicated to helping scientists analyze rock samples from Mars. This application of course is designed in PyQt, which I will be teaching today.


UAT Upstairs Room 201 most likely.