DesertPy Conda Environment Update - desertpy-2017-v1

For those who want to follow along with my upcoming pyglet presentation you can install my updated desertpy conda environment on macOS with the following commands:

conda env create godber/desertpy-2017-v1
source activate desertpy-2017-v1

There may be additional updates to the environment, but I will increment the version counter.


Within 6 hours of my creating the desertpy-2017-v1 conda environment the pyglet library did its first release in over two years, go figure. The new version has improved Python 3 support. You can read more in the Pyglet RELEASE_NOTES.txt.

Of course this means that I had to create a new conda environment with the new version. So, here you go, desertpy-2017-v2 contains v1.3.0 of pyglet:

conda env create godber/desertpy-2017-v2
source activate desertpy-2017-v2