DesertPy Thunderstorm - July 2014 Meeting

Monsoon season is upon us so join DesertPy this month for a Thunderstorm! What is a Thunderstorm you ask? It's a meeting consisting only of lightning talks!

Wednesday June 23rd, 2014 at 6:30PM
Isos Technology - 1130 E University Drive, #101, Tempe, AZ 85281 The Isos offices can be found on the south west side of the western building in the complex. The building has 1130 in giant numbers on it. Look for a sign on the door as we may have to let you in. Enter through the door shown on the image below.
Isos Tempe Location

There won't be one big talk, but a bunch of smaller, fast paced talks on any number of Python related topics. Just show up for the fun. Better yet, show up with a python related lightning talk of your own. We will try to enforce a 5 minute limit per talk. More than one talk per person permitted.


  • If you use slides (which is recommended), do them in the IPython Notebook or export to a PDF.
  • Provide slides to me prior to the meeting to minimize laptop switching.
  • Make a comment on the Meetup event announcement that contains your topic, or topics, so we can avoid (minimize) duplication.

These are recommendations and not requirements. Don't let anything above discourage you from presenting.

Feel free to RSVP on the meetup site or fork this repo and add yourself to the RSVP list below and send a pull request.

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