Thunderstorm Aftermath

This month's meeting format was a series of lightning talks. We restricted the talks to a hard limit of 5 minutes, which was a challenge for some of us. Here is a quick recap with some reference links.

  • SciPy 2014 Highlights

    Austin provided some highlights from this year's SciPy conference. Lots of exciting developments. Five minutes didn't do it justice.

  • Nsq and Python

    Trevor demoed gnsq, a gevent based python client for the NSQ distributed messaging platform, which was highlighted in this week's PyCoder's Weekly.

  • IPython as a command shell

    Ian combined two of my favorite things: IPython and command shells.

  • Exploring Python's Method Resolution Order (MRO)

    Jason took us from the basics of the MRO to some more complicated examples. He was about to divulge how to hack the MRO at run-time before the 5-minute horn stopped him short.

  • Python logging for web applications

    I tried my best to walk through my IPython Notebook demonstrating how you can use Python's logging module and ElasticSearch & Kibana to instrument & analyze your web applications.

  • Jerry walked us through his MongoDB driven web application that tracks the movies and books he and his wife own. This served as a good example of using MongoDB with Python.

  • Lastly, Jason accepted the challenge of giving an unfinished presentation on Python Deocrators. This presentation was started by Austin and Jason had never seen it before and did an exceptional job talking about it sight unseen.

NOTE Austin added the last two bullet point's here, for completion sake.