April 2014 Meeting - Python 3

Sorry for the short notice everyone, but this month's DesertPy meeting is this week, Wednesday, April 23rd in the SimplyHired offices at Gangplank in Downtown Chandler. Same time as usual, 6:30PM. We will have Jerry talking about his experiences with Python 3. And we will also be continuing our Python 3.4 PEP talk series! This time by Craig who will talk about PEP 3156, also known as the asyncio module.

After the meeting we will be meeting up at San Tan Brewing (just a bit north of Gangplank) to have some food and socialize.

Feel free to RSVP on the meetup site or heck, fork this repo and add yourself to the RSVP list below and send a pull request:

RSVPs on GitHub - 1 RSVP